NNI product lines are diverse and continue to be expanded by solving demanding application requirements, such as:

Vinyl substrates for automotive and truck/bus applications – NNI produces a needle-punched fire resistant polyester fleece/woven fiberglass and polyester scrim-supported composite substrate in weights ranging from 1.75 to 8 oz./sq. yd. that is sold as roll goods to vinyl laminators for production of school bus and mass transportation seating. These laminators sell their product to seating manufacturers who fabricate the material into seats purchased by transportation equipment manufacturers. 
Transmission oil filtration media – NNI produces a phenolic resin-saturated, self-supported polyester needlepunched filter media used to remove destructive particles from automatic transmission and other aggressive fluid streams. The media is singed on both sides to prevent the migration of fiber downstream in the liquid process flow, then resin-saturated, dried and cured to provide stiffness to facilitate the slitting, die-cutting, and fabrication of filter parts. 
Industrial liquid and dry process filtration – NNI produces wide range of media sold as roll goods to fabricators and filter OEMs to produce filter bags, cartridges and cloths for use in industrial filtration applications. 
Vehicular air filtration – NNI produces composite filter media for fabrication of high efficiency automotive engine intake air filters – this media has many developing applications in similarly demanding environments. The media is a needlepunched multi-density polyester fleece / spunlaced nonwoven composite fabric that is latex saturated to provide stiffness and resilience facilitating slitting and pleating. The multi-layer composite provides high performance, gradient density surface filtration properties, supported by superior depth filtration to provide optimum filter life. 
Vacuum filtration – NNI produces a latex saturated, dried and cured needlepunched polyester fleece that is calender laminated with decorative knit fabric and sold as roll goods to fabricators of industrial and home appliance hop sack / vacuum bag covers. The latex saturation provides abrasion resistance and longer bag life while the decorative knit adds integrity and consumer products aesthetics.