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Northeastern Nonwovens - Capabilities 

  • Precision fiber opening, blending and feeding systems. 
  • Ability to process fine, medium and coarse fibers, homogeneous blends: polyester, polypropylene, rayon, nylon, meta-aramids, para-aramids, acrylics, e-glass, and high performance specialty fibers such as polyimide (P84®), PPS, polyacrylonitrile (PAN), flame-retardant, and PTFE. 
  • Scrim and unsupported felts. 
  • Two high speed, integrated needlepunch lines provide cost effective, high volume throughput. 
  • Fabric weights from 60 gsm (1.75 oz./sq.yd.) to 815 gsm (24.0 oz./sq.yd.). Fabric widths to 4,750 mm (187”). Wide range of fabric thickness and density options. 
  • Performance and value adding mechanical finishing lines provide calendering for heat setting, pressing, glazing and laminating, gas fired singeing, custom slitting, sheeting, inspection and packaging. 
  • Access to die, rotary die, steel rule die, water jet cutting and slitting/rewinding, industrial laminating, kitting and skiving. 
  • Technical expertise to custom build the fabric best suited to your application – from fiber to finished roll stock at your specified widths for cost effective solutions.

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